2019 Student Citizen Breakfast

The 2019 Student Citizen Breakfast was Friday, May 3, 2019.

For 22 years the Clintonville Area Chamber of Commerce has honored Clintonville middle school students. Student honorees attend nine middle schools located within the community. Students nominated by teachers and administrators, receive recognition for their Academic Achievement and Community Service. In addition to receiving the Student Citizen Breakfast medal, each student receives commendations from local officials. The 2019 breakfast featured as speaker David Leland, Ohio House Representative for District 22.
All pictures courtesy of Clintonville Spotlight.


CLINTONVILLE ACADEMY STUDENTS WITH SPONSORS                                                                     COLUMBUS NORTH STUDENTS WITH SPONSORS

DOMINION STUDENTS WITH SPONSORS                                                                      IMMACULATE CONCEPTION STUDENTS WITH SPONSORS

INDIANOLA STUDENTS WITH SPONSORS                                                                     SCHOOL FOR THE DEAF STUDENTS WITH SPONSORS

OUR LADY OF PEACE STUDENTS WITH SPONSORS                                                                      SCHOOL FOR THE BLIND STUDENT WITH SPONSOR